ABOUT US - traditional, real, horse-drawn, winter snow sleigh ride in Tatra Mountains!


Kuligi.pl is an organizer of attractions in Zakopane. We have extensive experience in the tourism industry in Zakopane, also we are part of the COT Group — a tourist operator and leader in many sectors on the Zakopane market.

We organize sleigh rides for individual tourists and organised groups — with great success and joy — our distinguishing feature is the high quality, regional cuisine, and tradition. Our sleigh rides are an everyday event (for us) that’s why we offer you high quality at every stage of your adventure.

Winter sleigh ride in Zakopane? Yes, under the Tatra mountains. This is definitely the greatest place to experience such an attraction! Sleigh rides are the No. 1 winter attraction, so during your holiday in Zakopane you have to try it. Have fun!

KULIGI.pl can offer the best horse-drawn sleigh rides. Whatever you choose: sleigh rides in the Chochołowska Valley or Kościeliska Valley or through Zakopane, every sleigh ride is close to nature. You will experience a magical scenery, snow, sky full of stars, a real 4-person highland sleigh, and then ... exciting atmosphere by the fire with a 2-hour feast, highland band, highland stories and delicious food in large quantities! Everything is organized comprehensively - including transport from Zakopane.

Traditional sleigh ride in Zakopane – Sleigh ride in Zakopane is a romantic, intimate time on the streets of Zakopane, on the top of Gubałówka or in the valley. In the evening with torches — in such circumstances you can really discover winter in Zakopane.

Why Kuligi.pl? — The sleigh ride begins during the day, when we see nature, panorama of the Tatra mountains, the Valleys and the area where the sleigh ride takes place. Ending the sleigh ride, we perfectly reach the moment when the dark begins and you will really experience the flames of the bonfire. Highland atmosphere and adventure awaits us during 2 hour fun with highlanders. There will be dances, songs, fun and very, very cheerful time. This is the moment when the sleigh ride turns into a feast. One of the best highland bands in Zakopane will encourage you to play. We plan animations for children, warm blankets, tea thermoses and 2 hours of real, traditional fun with highlanders. Oh, there's always a treat for all participants on sleighs — something regional to eat and something to drink.



Our office is located in the city centre, next to the "Krupówki" (main street in Zakopane) - ul. Staszica 3