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1 hour Sleigh Ride + 2 hours Highland Feast

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1h Sleigh Ride + 2h Folk BBQ


You can also feel the magic of winter and true highlander traditions...

This is one and only offer like this in Zakopane! 3 hours in the most beautiful Chochołowska Valley – horse sleigh ride, bonfire with regional catering, evening with highlanders with traditional LIVE music…



Jedyna taka oferta w Zakopanem! 3 godziny w najpiękniejszej Dolinie Chochołowskiej – kulig z pochodniami, ognisko z regionalnym cateringiem, wieczór z góralami przy ognisku…

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Sleigh ride No. 1 in Zakopane

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Only here with us!
Good fun while taking photos together in real highlander sleighs with props (highlander hats, scarves, ciupags at your disposal).


1h Ride with Views + 2h Folk BBQ
- 15:00 - 18:00 -


2h Folk BBQ + 1h Ride with Torches +
- 16:00 - 19:00 -

Feel the atmosphere of our magical sleigh ride in the Chochołowska Valley.

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Kuligi.PL to oficjalny organizator kuligów w Zakopanem.Kuligi.PL is the official organizer of sleigh rides in Zakopane.

We have many years of experience in the tourism industry in Zakopane, we successfully organize: – sleigh rides for tourists – winter attractions – and comprehensive events, regional evenings by the bonfire.
Our advantage is the highest quality at every stage of organizing and providing sleigh ride services.
Kuligi.pl – the best sleigh rides in Zakopane – we invite you every day. Zobacz więcej
Kuligi w Dolinie Chochołowskiej


A 1-hour ride through the Chochołowska Valley with a snack by the bonfire – for those who value privacy and are looking for attractions just for themselves.

The sleigh ride takes place at 11:00…

Integration of the company, team and employees during a sleigh ride in Zakopane? A company trip with a sleigh ride? Or maybe a hen or stag party in the form of a sleigh ride?

If your trip to Zakopane takes place in winter, be sure to plan time for a sleigh ride combined with a highland feast by the bonfire. Such integration means joy, integration and beautiful memories from Zakopane. Our offer includes three types of sleigh rides for groups: a magical sleigh ride in the Chochołowska Valley, an intimate sleigh ride around Zakopane or a sleigh ride on Gubałówka with a view of the Tatra Mountains!

Yes. A winter sleigh ride in the Tatra Mountains is the number 1 attraction in Zakopane. Demand is very high, please make your reservation in advance.

You can buy a sleigh ride ticket quickly and conveniently ONLINE. Click the BUY ONLINE button, choose the sleigh ride, the perfect date for you, and after paying for the order, you will receive your tickets to the e-mail address provided.

Of course! Children have a lot of fun with a winter horse sleigh ride. However, remember to dress appropriately for your child.

Winters in the Tatra Mountains are truly magical, but also very frosty – especially in the evenings, when there is no sun. Remember to wear warm winter clothes: jacket, trousers, shoes. You also need a hat, gloves and a scarf.

Our sleigh rides always take place. If there is not enough snow for the sleighs, they are replaced by horse-drawn carriages.

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