About sleigh ride

Before the sleigh ride, we invite everyone to a 2-hour feast by the fire with unlimited tasty food and dancing to the highlander rhythms, and not only. We spend together 2 hours and then you will go in the evening time for a magic sleigh ride…

Being in Zakopane in winter, you must go on a real highland sleigh ride with feasting, dancing, and highland atmosphere.

We invite you to such a real, traditional sleigh ride in the Chocholowska Valley – the longest in the Tatra Mountains and one of the most beautiful in Europe. Sleigh rides in Chocholowska are a real adventure in the Tatra valley, mountain atmosphere, and winter landscape. The feeling you get is like being in a fairytale – a stary sky, snow-covered trees, and the silence arround. There are no cars, street lamps, or city noise.

It is an offer for those who focus on high-quality service.

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