About sleigh ride

Being in Zakopane in winter, you must go on a real highland sleigh ride with feasting, dancing, and highland atmosphere.

We invite you to such a real, traditional sleigh ride in the Chocholowska Valley – the longest in the Tatra Mountains and one of the most beautiful in Europe. Sleigh rides in Chocholowska are a real adventure in the Tatra valley, mountain atmosphere, and winter landscape. The feeling you get is like being in a fairytale – a stary sky, snow-covered trees, and the silence arround. There are no cars, street lamps, or city noise.

Traditionally, after the sleigh ride, we invite everyone to a 2-hour feast by the fire with unlimited tasty food and dancing to the highlander rhythms, and not only. It is an offer for those who focus on high-quality service.

Here, on the edge of the valley, our staff members will be waiting for the participants. Welcoming them to take their seats in the sleigh. Then you will go on an hour-long ride through the Chocholowska Valley.

After the sleigh ride, we will invite everyone to the bonfire, where we will have a highlander feast with real highlanders. They will play live music throughout the event and entertain participants with jokes and stories about the Tatra Mountains and highlanders. The program includes: welcoming of our guests with highlander sincerity and music, highlander dancing shows, highlander parables, learning how to drink like a real highlander – tasting highlander alcohol, singing together by the fire!

The best highlander band in Zakopane will take care of dancing, fun, and attractions. Sleigh ride with a feast has a motto – “tradition, fun, dance, and highlander music” – Welcome!

The bonfire will be burning throughout the event, and the catering staff will be serving delicacies of traditional cuisine without any limits. After a sleigh ride and two hours of fun, the event is over and we are going back to Zakopane.

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