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A sleigh ride on Gubalowka with beautiful weather and winter full of snow is a special moment. We invite you to traditional sleigh ride on Gubalowka from where we have the most beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane. Winter scenery straight from a fairy tale. After the sleigh ride, we invite everyone for a two-hour feast by the fire, with tasty refreshments and dances to the highland note but not only highland. This is a unique proposition for those who are looking the best offer.

PROGRAM – sleigh ride at Gubalowka, our staff will be waiting for the participants, they will welcome the guests by inviting them to take places in the sleigh. They will provide to every sleigh a good treat, after which you will go on an hour-long ride along the top of Gubalowka. After the sleigh ride, we invite everyone to the bonfire, where we will have highland party. During the whole event a highland band will play and the participants will be entertained with jokes and stories about the Tatras and highlanders. In the program:
• Witacka, which means greeting our guests with highland warmth and music,
• Highland dance shows,
• Highland tales,
• Learning how to drink in highland style – a booze snack,
• Singing by the fire together!

DANCES AND GOOD FUN will be provided by highlanders. The sleigh ride will be held under the slogan “tradition, fun, dance and highland music” – you have to be there! The bonfire will be lit during the whole event, and catering service will serve delicacies of traditional cuisine. After two hours of fun, with great regret, we will end the event and return to Zakopane. We provide, if necessary, transfer by bus from Zakopane to Gubalowka and return to Zakopane after the party.

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