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Sleigh ride for children – Zakopane invites you

Chocholowska sleigh ride is the best family fun in Zakopane

Do you want to make your children happy? Sleigh Ride through the Chocholowska Valley is an unforgettable winter attraction in Zakopane that will delight the whole family. You will remember such a winter adventure surrounded by beautiful landscapes of the Tatra Mountains, highlander music and a bonfire for years.

Sleigh ride with children Zakopane

Wondering where to go in the Tatra Mountains in winter with your child? Zakopane is not only the capital of the Polish mountains, but also a place where you can experience many winter attractions. One such attraction loved by families with children is a sleigh ride on a highland sleigh .This is a unique proposal for small and large explorers. Do you have any doubts? Children love adventure together and discovering new places yet unknown – right? They get a lot of pleasure from moving and playing outdoors. So if you want to see their laughing faces it’s worth planning a sleigh ride in Zakopane before you arrive in the mountains. Why? A sleigh ride with children means an extra seat in the sleigh, and this is not easy to come by in the full winter season, especially if you choose this real winter sleigh ride with regional music and fun with a highlander band. Procrastinating at the last minute simply does not pay off.

Panoramic sleigh ride Zakopane or night sleigh ride?

Definitely with children, it is better to choose a traditional daytime sleigh ride. Then you can not only admire everything you pass during the sleigh ride route, but also hear unique stories related to them from the highlanders driving the sleigh. This is definitely an ideal option for families with children who want to feel a real highland adventure. Sleigh ride with children in Zakopane – definitely YES. Where to go. There are many options in Zakopane, however, Chocholowska Valley, when compared with the others, wins. The longest valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains, which is more than 10 km long and surrounded by high peaks such as Grześ, Rakoń and Wołowiec is the best choice. Numerous glades, forests and streams, as well as historic wooden cottages create a unique atmosphere in this place. This is a corner without cars and noise.

You are not quite convinced… A sleigh ride through the Chocholowska Valley is not only a sleigh ride, but also a highlander’s party by the fire, where you can taste regional delicacies such as oscypki, kwaśnica or moskole. Baked sausage from the campfire? Your child, who prepares it himself, will be very delighted with it. Believe that live highlander music and dancing the main attractions of the sleigh ride will stay long in the memory of the little ones.

Definitely a real mountain sleigh ride

If you have older children this winter attraction will also appeal to them. A sleigh ride through the Chocholowska Valley is also an excellent lesson in the history and culture of Podhale. It was in this valley that the Chocholow Uprising broke out in 1846, in which highlanders rose up against the Austrian invaders. It is also the place where the oldest and most authentic highland customs and traditions, such as costumes, music, dance and language, have been preserved.

Where to go with children for a weekend in winter? It is known, to Zakopane! Sleigh ride through the Chocholowska Valley is an attraction that will make your winter stay in Zakopane unforgettable. You can find the price list and availability of sleigh rides on the organizers’ website. Don’t miss this opportunity and see together with your family and children how beautiful Zakopane is in winter! A fabulous sleigh ride in the mountains – guaranteed!

Sleigh rides for children in Zakopane – of course it’s worth it!

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New Year's Eve sleigh ride in Zakopane
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Highlander New Year’s Eve with a sleigh ride –

TOP winter attractions in Zakopane

Highland sleigh ride in Zakopane is quite an attraction, and New Year’s Eve with a sleigh ride is a guarantee of unforgettable memories and even greater pleasure. Don’t believe it?

Zakopane in organizing winter attractions is second to none. The city, to which the name of the winter capital of Poland clings, not only attracts tourists with its unique views, which in winter look truly fabulous, but also with ideas. Although winter sleigh rides in Zakopane have been organized for many years, a magical sleigh ride with torches on the last night of the year makes a real splash.

What is the secret of this unique New Year’s Eve sleigh ride? It’s not just a traditional sleigh ride, but a unique mountain-style party. This is the ultimate winter adventure, which is different from an hour-long sleigh ride or a traditional horse-drawn carriage sleigh ride. Definitely not a daytime sleigh ride with a view, or so called: panoramic sleigh ride.

First of all, the mountain sleigh ride that ends the old year is beautifully illuminated by torches. New Year’s Eve in the mountains by the glow of atmospheric light can enchant anyone. A highlander New Year’s Eve package, which also includes a magical New Year’s Eve feast with a regional band, is an additional guarantee of a successful party. Partying with a band is a great option for people who like to party with live music, but not only ….. It’s also a lot of laughter, a robber belt, or the selection of a New Year’s Eve gossip girl!

Spend New Year’s Eve in Zakopane …

New Year’s Eve ball is not your fairy tale. Since traditional New Year’s Eve balls are organized all over Poland, in the mountains it’s best to bet on an outdoor party with a highlander bonfire and delicious regional food. Organizers, when preparing New Year’s Eve offers, also rely on a unique menu for participants. Do you know how bacow’s sour soup with sausage, moskol with garlic butter, or real oscypki independently fried over a campfire taste? Local delicacies and warming drinks – highlander tea and mulled wine without limit … New Year’s Eve stay with feast – can you want more?

New Year’s Eve Zakopane 2023/2024

It is known if fun in the mountains is also New Year’s Eve with accommodation. Definitely make sure you stay in a guesthouse or hotel beforehand and arrive at your destination. Leaving it all to the last minute just before New Year’s Eve is not a good solution. There are a lot of people partying in Zakopane on New Year’s Eve! New Year’s Eve in Zakopane 2023 – this, as we know, is the maximum occupancy in the city! To rent a house for New Year’s Eve in the mountains a few weeks before December 31 even borders on a miracle.

Sleigh ride for two in Zakopane – of course!

If you want to pleasantly surprise a loved one, bet on a “voucher for a sleigh ride for two” and choose the option of New Year’s Eve in the mountains with a sleigh ride. Is a New Year’s Eve sleigh ride good for children? You’ll have to answer this question yourself. If your little one is not a night owl, maybe think about providing childcare. Some guesthouses or hotels in Zakopane organize a New Year’s Eve party for children with an entertainer. You are determined to take your child on a sleigh ride, remember free seats in the sleigh are reserved for the youngest sitting on their parents’ laps.

Where to go on New Year’s Eve?

The welcome of the new year should be with a “hug”. The offer of a magical sleigh ride tempts? Chocholowska New Year’s Eve sleigh ride – what is it? Sleigh rides are organized in various places in Podhale. Chocholowska is the longest (10 km!) and most beautiful Valley in the Tatra Mountains. This place in the Tatra National Park is not only famous for its crocuses, but its unique microclimate, which makes the snow last really long!

New Year’s Eve Zakopane 2023/2024

Highland hospitality, traditions, humor and proximity to nature – this is a recipe for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party in Zakopane! How do you want to spend the last night of the year? If you bet on a party that you will remember for a really long time, bet on New Year’s Eve with a sleigh ride in Zakopane! Definitely and undeniably worth it….

And remember team building events Zakopane organizes the best in the country … it is, after all, the winter capital of Poland! Slopes and inns, fun and dancing or highlander party You choose!

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Robbery sleigh ride in Zakopane

Robbery sleigh ride in Zakopane

is an unforgettable adventure that will take you to the world of highland traditions and legends. The beauty of winter nature – of course! The thrill of excitement during the story of the brigands – guaranteed!

Robber sleigh ride in Zakopane – why not! Want to experience a sleigh ride that refers to the legendary robber characters is a unique attraction that you will long remember. But let’s start from the beginning, highland robbers became famous for attacking rich merchants and noblemen, and giving away part of the loot to the poor. As a result, they became folk heroes who defied the invaders and the authorities. The most famous robber leader was the famous Janosik, who, according to legends, had his hideout in the Tatra Mountains.

A brigand sleigh ride in Zakopane is not only a sleigh ride, but also a unique spectacle. It is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about highlander songs, dances and customs.

What will you see and hear during the sleigh ride?

Sleigh ride in Zakopane is not only fun, but also admiring the beauty of winter nature. The picturesque Chocholowska Valley, which is the longest and most beautiful valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains, is the perfect place for such an adventure. The winter landscape, snow-capped mountain peaks and, in addition, historic architecture, create a unique atmosphere of robber attraction.

This unique place on the map of Poland, steeped in Janosik stories, delights with views of the Western Tatras and Starorobocinski Wierch. Nearby are the Siklawica waterfall, the Smocza Jama cave and thermal springs. Years ago, the sound of shooting and fighting of bandits echoed in this area for a long time ….

Highland robber sleigh ride in Zakopane or sleigh ABCs

Sleigh rides with highlanders in Zakopane are a winter attraction, so dress appropriately and protect yourself from low temperatures and snowfall. The basics on warm, preferably worn in layers. A hat, scarf, gloves and wool socks – this is undoubtedly a must. A camera or phone (well protected from moisture) to capture the beautiful views and meeting with the brigands will also come in handy. How to book a brigand sleigh ride in Zakopane?

Torchlit sleigh ride in Chocholowska Valley is a popular tourist attraction, so it’s worth booking in advance to be sure of the place and date. You can book a brigand sleigh ride online, by phone or in person at our office.