Robbery sleigh ride in Zakopane

Robbery sleigh ride in Zakopane

is an unforgettable adventure that will take you to the world of highland traditions and legends. The beauty of winter nature – of course! The thrill of excitement during the story of the brigands – guaranteed!

Robber sleigh ride in Zakopane – why not! Want to experience a sleigh ride that refers to the legendary robber characters is a unique attraction that you will long remember. But let’s start from the beginning, highland robbers became famous for attacking rich merchants and noblemen, and giving away part of the loot to the poor. As a result, they became folk heroes who defied the invaders and the authorities. The most famous robber leader was the famous Janosik, who, according to legends, had his hideout in the Tatra Mountains.

A brigand sleigh ride in Zakopane is not only a sleigh ride, but also a unique spectacle. It is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about highlander songs, dances and customs.

What will you see and hear during the sleigh ride?

Sleigh ride in Zakopane is not only fun, but also admiring the beauty of winter nature. The picturesque Chocholowska Valley, which is the longest and most beautiful valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains, is the perfect place for such an adventure. The winter landscape, snow-capped mountain peaks and, in addition, historic architecture, create a unique atmosphere of robber attraction.

This unique place on the map of Poland, steeped in Janosik stories, delights with views of the Western Tatras and Starorobocinski Wierch. Nearby are the Siklawica waterfall, the Smocza Jama cave and thermal springs. Years ago, the sound of shooting and fighting of bandits echoed in this area for a long time ….

Highland robber sleigh ride in Zakopane or sleigh ABCs

Sleigh rides with highlanders in Zakopane are a winter attraction, so dress appropriately and protect yourself from low temperatures and snowfall. The basics on warm, preferably worn in layers. A hat, scarf, gloves and wool socks – this is undoubtedly a must. A camera or phone (well protected from moisture) to capture the beautiful views and meeting with the brigands will also come in handy. How to book a brigand sleigh ride in Zakopane?

Torchlit sleigh ride in Chocholowska Valley is a popular tourist attraction, so it’s worth booking in advance to be sure of the place and date. You can book a brigand sleigh ride online, by phone or in person at our office.


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