Magiczny Kulig Zakopane Dolina Chocholowska Tatry




The Tatras are the perfect place for an active and relaxing holiday in the winter scenery. Many people return there every year, because the Tatras in white magically attract.

Sleigh rides in Zakopane – a fairy-tale route, wide smiles and a pleasant time spent

Sleigh ride is a great way to explore the area and enjoy the beauty of nature. What is so unusual about a sleigh ride? Riding a horse-drawn carriage through picturesque countryside, you forget about everyday problems and stress, that’s the most important thing. And in addition to enjoying the surroundings, the unusual atmosphere and the company of the people with whom you travel you are transported to a completely magical place. A sleigh ride during the day delights you with its views. Sleigh ride at night, when bathed in the sun, the peaks of the mountains look beautifully remembered for a really long time.

Sleigh rides in the mountain style

Our sleigh rides are not only sleigh rides, but also many other attractions that will make your stay in Podhale more pleasant and allow you to learn about highland culture and tradition. We invite you to a bonfire, where you can warm up and enjoy a hot cup of mulled wine or highlander tea. We will also offer you a tasting of traditional dishes such as oscypek, kwaśnica or moskole. Real fun and relaxation in highlander style – guaranteed!

Sleigh rides in Zakopane – a winter trip for everyone

In winter there is no shortage of opportunities to pack your bags and head to the mountains. Whether you are looking for a romantic trip for two family fun with the kids, or a wild party with friends, a sleigh ride in Zakopane is for you. You can go on a sleigh ride at any time, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, or the winter holidays. Everyone will find some reason to visit the Podhale region in winter. After all, it’s worth it to get away from home, escape, at least for a weekend, from responsibilities, let yourself relax and recharge with positive energy.

Do not delay and book your sleigh ride in Zakopane today! Contact us and choose the offer that suits you best. We provide professional service, safety and an unforgettable experience. See you at the sleigh ride!




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