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Being in Zakopane when it is Christmas time? Make sure that you book a Christmas Sleigh Ride. Our sleigh ride at Christmas takes place in the Chocholowska Valley, in the heart of the Tatra National Park. The Chocholowska Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys – in the winter, it looks like a fairy tale.

We will take you on a Christmas Sleigh Ride, i.e., a 1-hour ride on a traditional 4-seater highlander sleigh in the valley. And after that, we will have fun and feast around the campfire for 2 hours. Only our company have a highlander, outdoor scene in the Chocholowska Valley.

The best highlander band in Zakopane will take care of great fun. There will be dance, live music, singing, and many games, activities, and competitions. We will spend the whole evening in the spirit of tradition, good fun, and laughter.

During the whole event, our staff will serve the delicacies of highlander’s cuisine.

The Christmas sleigh ride in the Chochołowska Valley is a real winter adventure in the Tatra Valley!

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