Highlander Feast - about the event

Highlander feast in the Chocholowska Valley is an offer for those who for some reason cannot take part in a sleigh ride but do not want to miss a unique opportunity to learn about the traditions and folklore of the highlanders through great fun.

If you are interested in a Folk Evening in Zakopane, you are in the right place! Highlander feast is the only event of this type, close to nature and with Zakopane’s best highlander music band.

What’s waiting for you? In short, a large dose of laughter and fun, dancing, singing, and delicious, unlimited local food.

We will meet in the Chocholowska Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Tatras. It is here where you will find a mountain stream next to our outdoor stage.

Catering will be open throughout the event. The program includes attractions such as trying out highlander suits or drinking from the ski.

We will spend the evening in an atmosphere of fun, laughter, and folklore.


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