Sleigh ride in Zakopane


Sleigh ride in Zakopane a great attraction during your winter break

In the Tatra Mountains, we can actively spend time enjoying the amazing landscapes and gain distance to all matters and problems. Many of us are happy to spend time there, and after returning home we are planning next trip, because the mountains are charming and very engaging. It is worth getting to know them at any time of the year. We like them the most in the winter edition, when the mountain peaks, valleys, forests, meadows are covered with a layer of white blanket. In winter the landscapes are unusual. While resting, make sure you go on sleigh ride. On the internet you can find many sleigh rides offers in Zakopane.

Picturesque landscapes, wide smile and nice time

Riding in a horse-drawn carriage through wonderful areas, we focus on views and forget about everyday life. We just stop worrying. Stress disappears and smile embraces. We enjoy the environment, unusual atmosphere and company of people, we travel with. We can go for a game during the day, if we prefer to observe the surroundings bathed in the sun, or enjoy the time after dark, when it gets mysteriously, and the glow of the torches creates a unique atmosphere. The second option is extremely popular, which is why ads such as — Zakopane sleigh rides in the evening — are so common.

Companies that organize sleigh rides also recommend additional attractions, such as a bonfire, tasting traditional dishes, meeting with a highland storyteller, or a feast to the rhythms of a highland band. It is worth using them, make your rest more interesting and pleasant. Learn more about Podhale and find out what real fun and relaxation are.

Winter trip

In winter, there is no shortage of opportunities to pack your bags and go to the mountains. Those who do not like preparing Christmas are very happy to go to the city under Giewont Mountain, where they spend Christmas, they can relax and spend all free time with friends and family. Others will be interested in the offer — a sleigh ride in Zakopane on New Year's Eve. Christmas' sweethearts will capture the romantic side of the mountains and go there for Valentine's Day. Of course, the youngest tourists also like the Tatra Mountains and dream about going crazy all day skiing.

Everyone will find a reason to visit Podhale in winter. It is worth getting out of the house, at least for the weekend, allow yourself to rest and recharge with positive energy.

Sleigh rides in Zakopane are unforgettable memories

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